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  2. Enjoy thoroughly the Aizu

Enjoy thoroughly the Aizu

Kutsurogijuku, Chiyotaki Inn·Shintaki

  • What is a Kutsurogijuku?

    Kutsurogijuku operates two ryokan in Shintaki Chiyotaki and Shintaki in Higashiyama Onsen Town.

    Located on a hill overlooking the hot spring village"Chiyotaki Inn"
    "Shintaki" located along the river in the center of the hot spring town

    Approximately 4 minutes on foot from the distance between the two ryokan, you can enjoy the hot spring of both houses.
  • Sister Building, Shintaki

    Shintaki is located along the river in the Higashiyama Onsen Town center.

    Inside the facility, there are four kinds of sources including a rock bath which was a hot spring sanatorium of the Aizu Clan public in succession, a bath which is related to the Saru-no-yu which Hijikata Toshizo healed the sword in the Boshin war war There is a sink of a sink.

Hospitality of Kutsurogijuku

  • Visit to Shimai-kan · Shintaki

    Kutsurogijuku operates two Kutsurogijuku in Higashiyama Onsen Town, “Chiyotaki” and “Shintaki”.
    As a service that can only be managed by two museums, you can enjoy the "hot springs" at both theaters.

    Guests staying at the hotel can also use the Shimai-kan · Shintaki's bath.
    The distance of 2 inns is about 4 minutes on foot.Please enjoy the hot spring.
  • Colorful Yukata Rental

    We are also renting colorful Yukata in order to make your stay more enjoyable.

    You can choose your favorite one.Please ask the front desk on the day

    Limited to Ladies, 500 yen