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Aizu the facility sticking to Aizu

Boasting of the hotel is a cuisine and a drink.
To make customers feel Aizu food culture, we use plentiful seasonal ingredients of local Aizu for meals.

Aizu least 30 species of local sake in Aizu are prepared at all times.If you enjoy local sake made from good quality rice and water together with our dinner, you can enjoy the charm of Aizu more.
There is also a sake bar "Local Sake House brewery" in the facility so please enjoy the local sake until late.

And for the bath, you can see Higashiyama Onsen Town and the Catsle Town of Aizu from the magnificent scenery outdoor bath on the top floor.
Enjoy the spectacular panorama of the changing hot spring villages along with the spectacular panorama of the four seasons, as well as the sights of the city Aizu Castle Town.

Please enjoy the tatami Aizu at the hotel.

New Guestroom☆One after another OPEN "Japanese modern twin" Western-style room and Japanese-style room

Original Aizu Local Cuisine buffet

  • Original Aizu Local Cuisine buffet

    August 8, 2019 started!
    "Original Aizu Local Cuisine" buffet is also joined to power up! Aizu delicious rice, Vegetables, Wild vegetables, mushroom… You can thoroughly enjoy the local cuisine of Aizu.

    The dinner at this facility has been well received for many years, with awards from the “supper section” of various travel agencies.
    Passion for seasonal ingredients, Aizu of raw materials, have worked devised to where I am becoming more like the Aizu through cooking.

    Enjoy a Kutsurogijuku buffet.

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

  • Changes to normal services due to the spread of new coronavirus infection

    Thank you for your continued patronage of "Kutsurogijuku Chiyotaki Inn Chiyotaki".
    Based on the "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, this facility has taken into consideration the spread of infection and the health and safety of customers.
    For details, please see the link "Important Notice".
    (I will fly to the relaxing inn general HP)

Accommodation Features·Facility Information

  • Local Sake House

    One of the facilities, "Local Sake House" is a sake bar where you can enjoy Aizu Local Sake.

    Local Sake House, we have over 30 types of local sake in Aizu Region.
    For sake enthusiasts as well as those who usually do not drink sake so much, please enjoy Aizu Local Sake at this opportunity. Feel free to use it from a cup of octopus.
  • Library Lounge

    You can relax relaxingly at "Library Lounge".
    You can enjoy self-service drinks such as coffee and tea while viewing the books and magazines selected by the staff.
  • Dining Hall

    At the hotel, we will be informed of the dining venue for dinner and breakfast.It is a space where you can fully enjoy the "Original Aizu Local Cuisine" and "Aizu no Sake", which are the pride of this facility.

    ※For those wishing to eat in the room there is a room plan.
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Kutsurogijuku Chiyotaki Inn


43 Yumoto-terayashiki, Higashiyama Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture

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Enjoy thoroughly the Aizu

  • Relax inn comprehensive site(※Website will switch)

    This is a comprehensive site for Kutsurogijuku.
    Kutsurogijuku has two inns with different tastes, Chiyotaki and Shintaki, in the same Higashiyama Onsen.
  • You can order cakes here.

    We accept orders for cakes for anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

    ※The website will switch to the relaxing inn comprehensive site.
  • Hospitality of Kutsurogijuku

    Kutsurogijuku operates two ryokan in Shintaki Chiyotaki and Shintaki in Higashiyama Onsen Town.

    Located on a hill overlooking the hot spring village"Chiyotaki Inn"
    "Shintaki" located along the river in the center of the hot spring town

    Approximately 4 minutes on foot from the distance between the two ryokan, you can enjoy the hot spring of both houses.

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Information business hours:From 09:00 to 19:00