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Information on cuisine

Enjoy dinner and breakfast, Aizu ingredients rich in taste.

A buffet is served for dinner.

At this facility, Aizu's local cuisine is arranged in a modern way to satisfy many customers while passionate about Aizu's ingredients and seasonal ingredients.

We want you to enjoy the food culture of the local Aizu.
For example, "kozuyu", which is a representative local dish of Aizu and is still eaten in many households today, is a dish that is indispensable for learning about Aizu's food culture.In Aizu, an inland basin, seafood was mainly dry matter.Kozu is a soup stocked with a scallop of scallops on dry matter, stewed the material of Aizu such as taro and carrots.You can feel the climate of Aizu.

Speaking of Aizu, rice is rich in taste.
Aizu, you can see the paddy fields everywhere.Aizu which is the basin floods rich water from the surrounding mountains, and winter snow accumulates the land.The temperature difference in the morning and evening, the gradation of the seasons by the four seasons, these conditions raise Aizu as a rice field, and it is raising it as a rich lunch of food culture.

Information on "Dinner" and "Breakfast"

  • 【Dinner】Original Aizu Local Cuisine buffet

    From August 8, 2019, a buffet joined the dinner at Chiyotaki.

    The local cuisine of Aizu we propose in order to enjoy the materials of Aizu and seasonal ingredients to the fullest is "the local cuisine of Aizu where the old days meet now".
    In addition to traditional dishes, we propose what we think truly delicious in Aizu.
    For example, Aizu has long been a key point of transportation linking the Tohoku, Kanto, and Hokuriku regions, and various ingredients and cultures went in and out.
    Even now, Aizu has created a new eating culture, and now there is a logistical development, so there are some dishes that you can enjoy.
    Please enjoy the "Aizu local cuisine" which can be suggested only because the hotel has continued to be passionate about Aizu.

    ※This buffet is mainly Japanese. It is not a Japanese / Western / Central menu.
    ※We leave the dining venue to this facility.
  • 【Dinner】Room delivery plan

    plan of this facility where you can enjoy "dinner" in your room or in a private room.
    Enjoy your private time at a hot spring inn and relax.
  • 【Breakfast】Handcrafted buffet centered on the local ones

    Breakfast is a homemade buffet centered around Aizu.
    A healthy and savory breakfast is served to help you start your best day.

    For breakfast where diverse side dishes can be enjoyed mainly with rice and miso soup, we are imagining a rustic luxurious rural breakfast.
    Freshly baked and fluffy rolled eggs, stuffed with simmered love, handmade tofu ....Please enjoy over 30 kinds of carefully selected side dishes to your heart's content.

    Rice is, of course, Aizu's Koshihikari from Aizu's Koshihikari.Besides white rice, brown rice and porridge are prepared.
    Please start a new day with a breakfast buffet full of Aizu's goodness.

    ※Breakfast service time
      Quiet day:7: 30-8: 50(Closed 9:00)
      Busy day:7:00 to 9:20(Closed 9:30)
  • 【Aizu's local sake】Always have more than 30 types

    Aizuwakamatsu City is a famous liquor with 15 brewers in the city.
    There are about 40 brewers including Aizu Region, but the number is about half of the breweries in Fukushima prefecture.
    In the dining, you can enjoy "delicious sake" which is the charm of Aizu.
    We are waiting for more than 30 types of local sake in the Aizu Region at all times.

    In addition, the hotel has a "Local Sake House" where you can enjoy local sake to your heart Local Sake House content.
    Because it is within the inn building, you can enjoy many stocks without worrying about the time of return.
    From staff, you can have an opportunity to engage.
    ※When a person in charge is not present, sorry to inconvenience you but I would appreciate it to the front desk.

    【Local Sake House】
    ·Business hours 20:30 to 22:30(Last order 22:00)
    ·Location, 4th floor lobby