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Enjoy dinner and breakfast, Aizu ingredients rich in taste.

Cooking which is one of the hotel.While being passionate about Aizu's material · seasonal ingredients, we offer Aizu's local cuisine in a contemporary style to satisfy many customers.

We would like you to enjoy local Aizu's current food culture, we will make one item per item with such thought.
For dinner, for example, we have asparagus in the Aizu ground vegetable salad during the summer season.Aizu the history of Aizu's asparagus cultivation has been around 50 years, it is by no means a traditional ingredient, but now Aizu is widely known throughout the country as a large production area of ​​asparagus, its taste goodness is widely known throughout the country.
At the same time, "A Kozu", which is a representative regional cuisine of Aizu and still has many opportunities to eat at home, is also indispensable to let you know the food culture of Aizu.In Aizu, an inland basin, seafood was mainly dry matter.Kozu is a soup stocked with a scallop of scallops on dry matter, stewed the material of Aizu such as taro and carrots.Aizu a dish that you can feel the climate of Aizu.

And speaking of Aizu is rice which is rich in taste.
Aizu, you can see the paddy fields everywhere.Aizu which is the basin floods rich water from the surrounding mountains, and winter snow accumulates the land.The temperature difference in the morning and evening, the gradation of the seasons by the four seasons, these conditions raise Aizu as a rice field, and it is raising it as a rich lunch of food culture.

Information on "Dinner" and "Breakfast"

  • 【Dinner】Creative Aizu Local Menu Table

    It is our standard dinner meal.
    Creating Aizu Local Menu using local seasonal ingredients.

    【Three items of chief chef】
    ~Domestic beef tenderloin~
    It is the most popular "domestic cattle pottery grill" at our hotel.A main dish that makes soft and juicy domestic cattle be attached to a special Aizu butter Soy Souce sauce. Please enjoy the fragrance and taste of domestic beef and Aizu butter Soy Souce that melts in your mouth.

    ~Raw Toro Yuba stab~
    Speaking of a typical soybean product as well as miso is tofu.It is this raw yuba sting that heated the soy milk that can be made in the process of making tofu, and scoops the thin film stretched over the surface.We examine the best masterpiece of local tofu shop and purchase it everyday.

    Aizu representative local cuisine that has long been known to Aizu.It seems that in every home, the congratulatory seats such as the New Year and the sightseeing funeral are sure to behave.It is an elegant taste that contains soup stock with dried scallops of scallops and contains taro, carrots, cucumber, yarn konjac and bean curd.

    【Aizu's Koshihikari】
    Besides traditional rice making, fertile grounds and good quality water, Aizu rice grows in the climate of a large basin where temperature difference is large."I'd like you to enjoy the best rice.From such a thought, we are preparing the highest quality Aizu's Koshihikari.

    【Stay dishes for consecutive guests】
    When using in continuous lodging, we will prepare dishes of different menu from the first day if not specified.If you would like the same dish for two days, please contact in advance.We will prepare it according to customer's request.
  • 【Dinner】Full course of blissful local cuisine

    The hotel offers creative Aizu Local Menu that you can enjoy Aizu's food culture while responding to the diverse dietary culture of the present age.

    This full course is a menu that adds a lot of work to materials and recipes, and makes Aizu local cuisine more creative with Japanese cuisine.
    Please stick to food, "Aizu · food hospitality" of our hotel, please enjoy to your heart's content.
  • 【Breakfast】Handmade buffet of local produce for local consumption

    Breakfast is also handmade buffet of local production of local consumption, sticking to Aizu again.
    In order to let guests start the best day, the hotel offers a healthy and tasty breakfast.

    For breakfast where diverse side dishes can be enjoyed mainly with rice and miso soup, we are imagining a rustic luxurious rural breakfast.
    Freshly baked and fluffy rolled eggs, stuffed with simmered love, handmade tofu ....Please enjoy over 30 kinds of carefully selected side dishes to your heart's content.

    Rice is, of course, Aizu's Koshihikari from Aizu's Koshihikari.Besides white rice, brown rice and porridge are prepared.
    Please start a new day with a breakfast buffet full of Aizu's goodness.
  • 【Aizu's local sake】Always have more than 30 types

    Aizuwakamatsu City is a famous liquor with 15 brewers in the city.
    There are about 40 brewers including Aizu Region, but the number is about half of the breweries in Fukushima prefecture.
    In the dining, you can enjoy "delicious sake" which is the charm of Aizu.
    We are waiting for more than 30 types of local sake in the Aizu Region at all times.

    In addition, the hotel has a "Local Sake House" where you can enjoy local sake to your heart Local Sake House content.
    Because it is within the inn building, you can enjoy many stocks without worrying about the time of return.
    From staff, you can have an opportunity to engage.
    ※When a person in charge is not present, sorry to inconvenience you but I would appreciate it to the front desk.

    【Local Sake House】
    ·Opening Hours, 20: 30-23: 30
    ·Location, 4th floor lobby