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Local Sake House

More than 30 kinds of Aizu Local Sake are available【Local Sake House】

  • One of the facilities, "Local Sake House" is a sake bar where you can enjoy Aizu Local Sake.

    Aizuwakamatsu City is a liquor with 15 brewers in the city.There are about 40 brewers including Aizu Region, the number is about half of the brewery in Fukushima prefecture.
    In addition, Fukushima Prefecture boasts the highest number of gold awards for the sixth consecutive year at the Zenkoku-Shinshu-Kanpyokai (National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair) Contest.
    Fukushima Prefecture is the largest sake district in Japan, and half of the gifts are based in the Aizu Region.

    Local Sake House, we have over 30 types of local sake in Aizu Region.
    For sake enthusiasts as well as those who usually do not drink sake so much, please enjoy Aizu Local Sake at this opportunity. Feel free to use it from a cup of octopus.And please find one of my favorites.Some of the brands handled are also sold at shops.

    ※If you are unavailable, please contact the front desk of the same floor though very troublesome.
Opening Hours20: 30-23: 30(Last Order 23: 00)
Location4th floor lobby